Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A smorgasbord of interesting health blog posts

The ACP Advocate Blog will be taking a break for the rest of this holiday week, resuming with new commentary on Monday, December 1.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a day when most of us will be dining on a smorgasbord of different foods, you might want to sample a variety of intriguing blog postings I've come across recently:

Niko Karvounis has a two part posting on the Health Beat blog on how "we can create a health care system that nurtures primary care physicians instead of breaking their spirits."

Scott Henley debunks "Five Health Care Myths" in the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog, including the myth that the U.S. has the best health care in the world. (Interestingly, ACP debunked the same myth in a position paper published this past January 1 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.)

And John Goodman writes in the Health Affairs blog about how the best features of candidate Obama's, McCain's, and Romney's health plans could be combined into a single plan. He argues that Obama actually needs to incorporate key features of his Republican rivals' plans to be successful.

I wish you the best for an enjoyable holiday with family and friends!

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