Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Bit of Irish "Poetry" on St. Paddy's Day!

Today, of course, is St. Patrick's Day, an important occasion for celebration for we Irish Americans, especially those of us who are first generation. (My beloved late father, Jack Doherty, hailed from County Leitrim and owned and tended bar at Doherty's Bar in Woodside, Queens, New York for over thirty years.)

One fond Irish tradition is the art of writing limericks, which are short Irish verses, of a humorous nature, with a set rhyme scheme. In honor of today's occasion, and health reform, here are a couple of limericks written by yours truly:

In 1995, health reform died
Although Hill and Bill surely tried,
Will Obama prevail?
Where others did fail?
Or will the people again be denied?

Another one:
Obama wants health care reform,
But will the lobbyists make him forlorn?
They all say health reform is okay
(Just don't make us the ones who pay)
Their arguments are so tired and worn.

And finally:
If Senator Max Baucus has his say
Primary care will soon see a better day
But for them to be paid more
Someone's ox will be gored
Will the surgeons be forced to pay?

That's it for today.
Slainte! (Irish for Good cheer!)

Today's question: Do you want to try your hand at writing a health care reform limerick? (If so, post it here.)


Jay Larson MD said...

Health reform says Senator Max Baucus
But first he will need help from his caucus
People are now paying too much
The economy is in a clutch
Hopefully doctors won't cause a ruckus

Dr.T said...

I drank at that bar.

I also think I've had a few run-ins in that neighbothood (quite sure, actually).

I'm 3rd generationand my dad was also a bartender...