Thursday, March 12, 2009

Health care reform: is it real this time?

In many of my blog posts, I have shared my views on the reasons why President Obama has the best opportunity of any president to achieve health care reform. As well as why he could still fail.

Tonight at 7 p.m., I am moderating a Webinar that will provide the latest information on the political and policy environment surrounding health care reform - including what we can learn from last week's White House health reform summit and the President's budget.

As part of my presentation, I will be sharing some brand new polling data from a highly respected research firm on the public's attitudes on health care reform, comparative effectiveness research and other "hot button items."

The pollsters tested how voters responded to two competing questions on redesigning the health care delivery system.

One favored reforms to "provide the right information and incentives for doctors not just to provide more health care, but the most effective high quality health care based on scientific evidence."

The other warned "this so-called reform is about putting the government in charge of our personal health care decisions, tying the hands of your own doctor and creating a one-size fits all health care system run by a huge, costly new bureaucracy that we can't afford in these tough economic times."

Which version had the most support from the public? I encourage you to join tonight's webinar to find out. You can register at:

(Disclosure: there is a modest $25 fee to participate in the webinar to offset the ACP's costs of producing it. None of the money from the registration fees will go to me.)

I promise that you will have an opportunity to ask questions, and yes, you can go at me if you disagree.

Today's questions: How would you respond to the two competing questions above? How did you think the public responded?

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