Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"There once was a man named O'Bama ..."

As regular readers of this blog know, Saint Patrick' Day is one of my favorite days of the year. As a first-generation American, I have an appreciation of all things Irish, instilled (or should I stay distilled?) in me by the late Jack Doherty, my Irish-born Dad who ran a neighborhood bar in Woodside, Queens, New York. Following my Dad and his father, I was the third generation of Doherty's to "work behind the stick," as the old-timer would put it, tending bar during my college breaks to help earn some extra dough.

Like any good Irish bar, on Saint Patrick's Day, Doherty's was filled to the brim with celebrants eager to sing a song, down a few, and engage in the traditional Irish sports of story-telling and blustery argument. It's probably because of this that I (usually) enjoy my work as a lobbyist and policy wonk in Washington, a town that more than any other lives on blarney and argument.

One favorite tradition is the Limerick, a five verse poem named after the famous Irish city. Last year, I started the practice of penning a few limericks on health care in honor of Saint Patrick's Day. Now, I don't claim that my poetry will earn kudos, but I hope that they will at least bring you a smile. Tomorrow, we can get back to the more serious stuff of health care reform.

The town halls were something to see,
Voters screaming for their right to be free
"Get government out of health care
But don't dare cut my Medicare"
How they can be so confused, escapes me.

There once was a man named Reid,
On health care, the Senate he'd lead.
But when a man named Brown
Came to D.C. town
Reid doubted they'd finish the deed.

It looked like health care had run out of gas
In Congress, it was at an impasse
The Massachusetts election
The voters' rejection
Can it now be saved by a Hail Mary pass?

Health reform has become a real bummer
Could the arguments get any dumber?
Now it's St. Patrick's Day
And I just gotta say
I wished they had passed it last summer.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Today's question: Care to try your hand at crafting a health reform limerick?


Rich Neubauer MD said...

I could not possibly compete with your poetry, but happy St. Paddy's day to ya, and I hope to toast your efforts very soon!

Realistic said...

Hey Bob,

I doubt you will publish this but I defy you to call for a verifiable poll of ACP members , segregated to real life practicing physicians , med students , academic types on salary , to determine where the membership really stands on Obama Care .

I am an FACP since 2000 but I will not pay a dime more until the ACP begins to represent the true views of its memebers. I expect this letter not to be posted and I expect your "pets" , who I am sick and tired from hearing from, to continue to dominate this phoney blog. Have a nice day!