Thursday, March 17, 2011

John Boehner is an . . . .

As long-time readers of this blog know, I come from a decidedly Irish-American background. My beloved late father, Jack, was born in a thatched cottage in Drumshambo in Leitrim, Ireland, emigrating to the United States with his mother at the age of ten. His father had come over several years earlier to open up Doherty’s Bar in Woodside, Queens, New York, and when my grandfather passed away a few years after my Dad’s arrival, the bar became his. He ran and worked behind the bar until it was sold in 1978. When I was in college, my father put me behind the bar—the third generation of Doherty “behind the stick” as the old-timers would say.

Like any good Irish bar, Doherty’s celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in high style. On March 17 it was filled to the brim with celebrants eager to sing a song, down a few, and engage in the traditional Irish sports of story-telling and blustery argument. It's probably because of this that I (usually) enjoy my work as a lobbyist and policy wonk in Washington, a town that more than any other lives on blarney and argument.

Two years ago, I started the practice of penning a few limericks--a five verse poem named after the famous Irish city—to honor Saint Patrick's Day. Here’s a few to celebrate this year’s occasion:

The GOP wants to cut spending
So funding for Sesame Street is ending

But if they dare

To cut Medicare

It could be their political upending.

John Boehner is an S-O-B

The son-of-a-bartender, just like me

We helped clean up the floors

Showed customers the doors

Can you blame us if we cry at the memory?

The Internists were in quite a stew

The public didn’t understand what they knew

And if you declare

They’re “just” primary care

They’ll tell you it’s much harder to do what they do

Now, try your hand---send me your St. Patrick’s Day limericks, and the best one’s (IMHO) will be published tomorrow!

Today’s question: No question, just a wish for a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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