Friday, March 16, 2012

Health care limericks

As long-time followers of this blog know, I hail from a decidedly Irish background. My beloved late Dad, Jack Doherty, was born and raised in Drumshanbo, Ireland, emigrating to the United States with my grandmother at the age of 10. He owned, operated and tended bar at the establishment originally opened by my grandfather, Thomas, for more than 30 years, until he sold the bar in 1978. When I was in college, I worked behind the bar—the third generation of Doherty’s “behind the stick,” as the old-timers would remind me. The bar—then called Doherty’s Bar and Grill (located in Woodside, Queens, New York)—is  still there and operating as a drinking establishment, but under a different name and ethnic clientele, serving a largely Latino population.

So as you can imagine, Saint Patrick’s Day is a big occasion in my family. One of my traditions is to write limericks to honor the occasion. Limericks are a “humorous, witty or nonsensical” poem named after the Irish city, following a prescribed AABBA rhyme scheme.

In honor of the great Saint Patrick, my Dad, Ireland, and Doherty’s Bar, I offer the following limericks to mark the occasion:

The SGR is like Groundhog Day
Something that just won’t go away.
Congress dithers,
Medical care withers,
As doctors turn patients away.

Doctors don’t always agree
With the positions of the A-C-P
My blog posts stir the pot
And make some downright hot
As they write, “You aren’t speaking for ME!”

(Okay, these aren’t going to win any poetry awards, but I hope they introduce a bit of levity into your day.)

Today’s question:  How about taking a turn at writing a health care or political limerick for posting here?

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