Monday, November 5, 2012

The Election

So it all comes down to this: tomorrow voters will be deciding not only on who they want in the White House and in control of Congress, but also on two fundamentally different views on the role of government in health care.  President Obama proposes to continue to expand the federal government’s role in financing, funding and regulating health care and continue Medicare and Medicaid as defined benefit programs; Governor Romney wants to turn more responsibility over to the states, cut federal healthcare spending, and convert Medicare and Medicaid from defined benefit programs to defined contribution programs, limiting the federal government’s contribution to each.

I expect that most readers of this blog have decided which approach you favor and who you will vote for, based not only on their positions on healthcare but on the economy, national security and other issues that matter to you.   It would be presumptive of me to evaluate the candidates for you and, as a matter of policy, law and good sense, ACP does not endorse candidates for political office.  We have and will always be strictly non-partisan, taking positions on the issues based on ACP policy, not positions on the candidates themselves.

As a resource for those of you who want to learn more about the issues at stake, here are links to content that I hope you will find to be of interest, some from previous posts to this blog, some from the ACP  and Annals website, others from respected advocates, commentators, and journalists:

ACP’s comparison of President Obama’s views compared with College policies

ACP’s comparison of Governor Romney’s views compared with College policies

NEJM article from President Obama on how he “would secure the ACA’s future”

NEJM article from Governor Romney on how he would “replace ObamaCare with real reform”

My article from this week’s ACP Internist publication on how the election may decide four critical health policy issues

Annals perspectives from health policy experts David Blumental, Gail Wilensky and Bob Berenson on what the elections mean for healthcare

Article from the ACP Advocate Newsletter discussing how healthcare was addressed in the presidential debates

Medical Economics magazine article that quotes me, AAFP’s President, and others on how the election might affect primary care

NPR report on the prospects for ACA repeal should Governor Romney be elected

Blog post from the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein on why healthcare is the most important issue in the 2012 elections

My blog post on the ten things that bother doctors the most that are being overlooked by the candidates

Analysis from NPR’s Julie Rovner on how Governor Romney would reform healthcare and how his approach differs from President Obama

My Annals of Internal Medicine article on the Supreme Court, the elections, and the ACA’s future

My recent blog posts on the leadership deficit of both candidates and who is to blame, the secret truth behind Medicare vouchers and their unpredictable risk and benefits, and how the candidates’ positions on Medicare are a triumph of nonsense over substance.

No matter what your views are on the candidate’s and their positions on healthcare, I hope that my blog posts and links to others’ expert analysis have helped inform you about the issues at stake.  And, once the dust settles and we know who won the election, I will post my own post-election thoughts and share insights from other experts, and like always, seek your thoughts as well.

Today’s question: How are the candidates’ views on healthcare influencing your vote?

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